Perfect 10 is Energy. Naturally.

Healthy and Delicious.
Perfect 10 Natural Energy bars are a combination of only 10 ingredients, with no added fillers, preservatives, sugars, sweeteners or honey. With a tasty combination of just fruits, nuts and seeds, each bar is naturally, a Perfect 10!

Simply Perfect.
Food Allergies and Sensitivities to gluten and dairy products are a growing concern to many consumers. You can be assured that Perfect 10 bars are gluten free, dairy free and made in a certified gluten-free manufacturing plant. The bars also contain no "e-number" food additives, no chemicals, no colours, no fillers and no preservatives. What they do have is great taste!

Smart Nutrition.
The body does not produce essential fatty acids (EFAs) so our diet must supply them; and to be effective, flax seed must be ground before it is eaten to ensure that our bodies can access the EFAs. Every Perfect 10 bar contains heart-healthy ground flax seed that is rich in important Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids. In fact, every single Perfect 10 Bar has 450 mg of essential Omega-3 fatty acids - and one bar provides up to 20% of your daily-recommended fibre intake!

And Quality Energy!
A Perfect 10 Natural Energy Bar is a nutritious, cholesterol free snack in a convenient form. Or try our Perfect 10 Bliss bars with dark chocolate chips for a healthy treat! Each Perfect 10 Bar provides the sustained energy you need, whether you are running to the finish line or running out the door. For on-the-go breakfasts, workouts or a mid afternoon pick-up, Perfect 10s are ideal. Throw one in your purse, pack or pocket and go!

Real, Honest Food.

Raw unprocessed ingredients that provide quality energy, nutrition and taste are the only ingredients you find in a Perfect 10 Bar. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, GMO free and high in fibre, Perfect 10 bars are an intelligent choice for a healthy snack.